Deep Cycle Batteries:
$165.00Island Battery DC4 (55 ah)
$180.00Island Battery DC1-N12 (103 ah)
$212.30Ac Delco HCM27SMF (97ah)
$226.60Ac Delco HCM31SMF (110ah)
$411.40Full River AGM DC105 (105ah)
$427.90Full River AGM DC120 (120ah)
(Full River batteries are made in the USA for the recreational market.  They are fully sealed to allow use in living areas and offer vast improvement to normal lead acid batteries.  They will give up more available current because the voltage drop is minimal until the battery is exhausted.  The Island Batteries listed above are suitable for lights only, and the other batteries are suitable for lights, fridge, etc.)
Battery Chargers:
$79.00OzCharge OC-SW121009 (Charging Current 900mA)
$95.00OzCharge OC-SW121020 (Charging Current 2 Amp)
$129.00OzCharge OC-SW121040 (Charging Current 1/2/4 Amp)
$179.00OzCharge OC-SW121080 (Charging Current 2/4/8 Amp)
$229.00OzCharge OC-SW121160 (Charging Current 2/8/16 Amp)
$299.00OzCharge OC-SW121210 (Charging Current 2/10/21 Amp)
$249.00OzCharge OC-SW241040 (Charging Current 1/2/4 Amp)
$390.00Projecta IC2500 (Charging Current 2/6/12/25 Amp)
$528.00Projecta IC3500 (Charging Current 2/8/16/35 Amp)
$810.00Projecta IC5000 (Charging Current 2/6/12/25/50 Amp)
$440.00Keepower 04.BCK.M (Charging Current 8 Amp)
$577.00Keepower 04.BCK.L (Charging Current 15 Amp)
(All of the above charges are 7 stage and will not over-charge the battery.  There is a minimum 12 month warranty on each of the batteries.  I am also able to send out comparative specifications for each upon request.)
Solar Panel Systems:
(Please discuss to work out exact requirements.)
(Please discuss to work out exact requirements.)
$47.301031 LED lights
$85.801061 LED lights
$124.30Narva LED torch (Rechargable via 12 volt DC / 240 volt AC)
$7.70Toggle switch
$17.70White inline switch
$36.30Battery case
$36.85Sealed enclosure (to house sockets, volt meter, etc. rather than in battery case)
$72.60Voltage gauge VDO (volt meter)
$11.0050 amp anderson connector
$19.80Cigarette lighter socket into sealed enclosure
$8.50Inline fuse holder (with light to show when operational)
$13.20Narva cigarette lighter plug with inbuilt switch, fuse & LED light to show when operating
$19.803 way cigarette lighter socket
$3.083mm twin sheath cable (per metre)
$3.524mm twin sheath cable (per metre)
$7.486mm twin sheath cable (per metre)
$47.35Installation of PVC water tank inlet (to allow passage of cords through tool box wall)
$72.60Hourly labour rate to wire up various components
$40.702.5m long extension cord with anderson plugs on either end
Miscellaneous - connecting plugs, etc. - usually $15-$25 per electrical setup
Other miscellaneous - fitting out in trailer, resin, velcro, etc. - variable
(We also offer many other products / brands which are not specifically listed above.  If you wish to purchase something different to what is offered above, we are happy to provide a quote for it.  We are also able to organise for your vehicle(s) to be fitted out with the dual charge system, and /or electric brakes etc.)
The prices displayed by Camper's Delight include 10% GST, & are the prices via pick up from Deloraine, Tas.  We can quote for additional freight from Deloraine to you if required.

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